Kinemaster Pro Crack : Remove watermark and Free Items

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Kinemaster is a famous video editing software or application for Android. The Kinemaster got popularity for it’s awesome features and regular updates. Kinemaster use layers as most popular video engines like After effects and more. It has awesome editing options. Also it has a very fast rendering unlike many apps like VivaVideo. Because of the trial version of Kinemaster exclude many awesome features, Kinemaster Pro Crack is widely searched.

But like most apps, this is also a trial app. It has an In App Purchase option which is for in app payment. Trial version app includes watermark in the video and other items for purchase. So, we will talk about Kinemaster Pro Crack in this article. We just need 3 items for 2 steps. Also, we will just need less than 5 minutes. This crack version will remove watermark and make any items buy for free.

But , We are not going to download rather hack and make Kinemaster Pro Crack our self. We can make it by easy and simple way by using those apps above. The methods are going to take less than 4/5 minutes depending on your RAM(Random access memory). So, use a memory cleaner and free ram for faster hacking.

Kinemaster Pro Crack : Step 1 – Apk Editor Pro

This step will remove the watermark from videos.

  1. Download Kinemaster trail simply Kinemaster.
  2. Open Apk Editor Pro.
  3. Click Select Apk from App > Kinemaster > Files
  4. Browse res/drawable/
  5. Replace km_watermark.png with this image(Click to download )
  6. Click Save. Uninstall and reinstall successfully.
  7. Now you get Kinemaster Pro Crack for free and simple.

Kinemaster Pro Crack : Step 2 – Lucky Patcher

This step will make all items buy for free

  1. Download Kinemaster trail simply Kinemaster.
  2. Open Lucky Patcher.
  3. Then Select Kinemaster.
  4. Click Menu of Patches from the list.
  5. Click Modified Apk file.
  6. Select Apk rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation and check first two options.
  7. Continue and at last Uninstall and Reinstall.
  8. Now you get Kinemaster Pro Crack for free and simple.

Now, the crack method finishes successfully. Kinemaster Pro Crack is ready for you. If you face to any type of problem, you can comment. We will try our best to give you expert solution. You may be faced to a problem “App not Responding”. If it is occurring than retry this method again. When you are going to purchase any item, you will need to turn on Data(Internet) Connection. Otherwise, it will Toast “No Internet Connection”.

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