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Seo tutorial on how to write seo friendly article. I’m now going to give you a full introduction on How you will write a seo friendly article. So, now sit back relax and read this article with a good concentrate. After reading this article you will know how to write a seo friendly article which will take a great quantity of visitors. In fact, we do seo(Search Engine Optimization) for articles specially. Seo for that the search engines keep our pages in a good position in search results. So, let’s start.

Seo friendly article : KeyWords

KeyWords are the life of a content. A article writer must write an article on a topic. What is keyword? A Keyword is a word or a couple of word. When anyone search on the search engines he types some word like Awesome paper flower is a keyword. When it is our keyword our post is based on creating paper flower and it shouldn’t be different from the keyword.

Now, we’ll discuss on the keyword because keyword is a unit for seo friendly article. Keeping the keyword in manny places logically will increase your page rank and viewer. Before the search engines works on logic. They logically select your page for show to search result to make the user happy and considered if your content is seo friendly.

Seo friendly article : External references

The algorithms are widely described clearly in many topics of Google. You can read an article on How search works and also watch How search works. Yeah, I’m writing under these ideas. But I’m widely describing. So, I think you should read this topic to the end.

I advice write seo friendly article with many words though it takes too long times. Search engines will give importance to our pages if it has at least more than 700 words. Writing of those may be hard for you but so easy to read for the users. If your typing is slow and you needs 10minutes to write 700words the user will take only 1minute to read it. We were talking on keywords now lets talk on where to keep those keywords. You have to logically keep those keywords many places to get engines care.

Seo friendly article : Step by Step tricks

Keyword Density : Keyword density must be not more than 2.5%. Now the question is what is keyword density and how to calculate keyword density. Keyword density is presence of keywords in per 100 words. Now how will you calculate the keyword density. Use this structure (keyword/words)*100. If your content has 250 words and you have used your keyword 5 times keyword density will be 2%. Keyword density is of maximum 2decimal number. Less uses of keywords will underestimate the search engine that isn’t the keyword. So, use your keyword maximum 2 times and minimum 1 times in 100 words. The search engines are keywords based. So your articles or contents will get enough search traffic. But you’ve to use them logically.

Url: Urls are very important things for SEO. The articles must have a url with the keywords. The articles must contains some urls which are highly ranked. At first, set the url of the topic starting with the keyword. As like this : . But notice your url shouldn’t be very long. Long tail urls will be marked as spam to the search engines. Make the url with medium uses of characters. You also should use external(mostly) and internal(optional) links in your articles. In the video I’ve linked above you can watch, search engines rank a page depending on the urls on the page. As I’ve included those urls in my page which are with the topic Seo or Search the search engines will think my page as it contains topic about seo or searches. It’s like backlink to these pages and you may know backlinks are important for off page seo. We’ll discuss about off page seo later 😊.

Seo friendly article : using html tags

Title tag: The title tag is a child of the <head> tag. It has both starting and end tag. Our keywords must appears in the title tag and in the beginning. <title>Creating paper flower with home instruments</title> <- It’s our title.

Description: Description is a content of the <meta> tag. It’s used like this <meta name="description" content="Description"> this may not use the end tag. Description length should me at limit 100-150. Otherwise, the search engines wouldn’t give importance to the page. Description is very important for a seo friendly article.

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